Metal: A Headbanger's Journey

Film: The journey of a metalhead (2005)

Metal – A Headbangers Journey 2005 Sam Dum is an anthropologist, and a fan of metal, he embarks on an epic journey to the heart of the heavy, your mission is to discover why this type of music has always been esteriotipada and sentenced to the time that has been applauded passionately by millions of fans.

Metal: To Headbanger''s Journey it is a documentary in the year 2005. It was directed by Sam Dunn, a anthropologistcanadian a graduate of the University of New York (in addition to owning several post titles), who has been a fan of heavy metal from a very early age. In the documentary travels around the world, to reveal the opinions and myths about the heavy metal, including its origins, the controversy that surrounds it, and the reason why we loved so many people, as well as to explore their culture. The film made its debut at the “Festival International de Film de Toronto 2005” (2005 Toronto International Film Festival), and was released as a special edition double DVD in the EE. UU. the September 19, 2006.

Metal: A Headbanger's Journey

The documentary begins with a discussion about what is really the first metal band. Then proceeds to discuss the traits and the authors of some of the many subgenres of metal, including the black metalthrash metal, the glam metal, etc

Dunn uses a tree genera (chart) for documenting and exploring the various sub-genres of metal throughout the film. One of the most important segments is the journey that performed at the festival Wacken Open Air. The interviews most notable include legends such as Ronnie James DioBruce DickinsonGeddy LeeAlice CooperLemmy KilmisterTony Iommi and other as Dee Snider, which analyzes the attack of the PMRC against the heavy metal. In addition, there are other interviews quite controversial bands Norwegian black metal ending to make clear as the original essence of the metal can get to be distorted by factors unrelated to music and own fanaticism, and even mental disorders point.

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