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Download for free our app metal for Android phones and TvBox Adroid .Metal Radio 24 hrs , it also brings metal info, channels, metal tv programming 24 / 7 day and night to accompany videos metal-online, chat, metal,community,documentaries, etc DOWNLOAD OUR APP HERE

A great community is metal with members from different parts of the world.

Uncensored and with the music that we like because here send us to : l@s metaler@s

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Find people with common likes and meet new friends in groups. Join and share in communities.

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Here you can also comment on news and thoughts that you can discuss with the community

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Start a topic in the forum or comment on someone else's. Share ideas and get feedback from the community.

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Post status updates to your friends, and the community with publications, images, videos, and links.

Testimonials highlights:

A large network of metalheads in the south of the planet and with great content in support of the metal. It's amazing this initiative and with a radio that sounds 24/7 with good metal without doubt.
Anssi Kippo
Anssi Kippo
Astia Studio (Finland)
After many years, with our radio online and using social networks common I thought it was time to create our own social networks, inspired by the metal, and without which we censured the publications or thoughts. Aca send us : The metalheads
axl ruiz
L Axl Ruiz
Announcer /Producer Eternal Metal
The metal: A way of life, and with a question to ourselves; we do love both the rock and the metal, why not to support the bands that arise, whether they are those who keep alive the essence of rock and Metal?
The club del rock
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